The codebox provides a wide range of services and solutions.

In today's increasingly sophisticated computational technology world, technologies are changing very rapidly. It's up to us to keep track of these changes, their implementation and evaluation, we are responsible for choosing the best solutions for our clients so that they can focus on what is most important to them. On the development of their business.

IT Architecture

Preparation of design for IT infrastructure implementation ( VPS / WAN / LAN / NAS / Databases ), Project Management for store and website based on WordPress engine, preparation of configuration and integration of e-mail accounts, programming ( xHTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP / MySQL / PostgreSQL ).


Integration of existing web domains with Google / Microsoft 365 services, adapting websites to WordPress content administration systems, optimising search results ( SEO ), website visit statistics ( Google Analytics ), adding domains to search engines ( Google, Bing ).


Administration and configuration of virtual private servers ( VPS ), web servers ( Apache ), Mail servers ( Google / Microsoft 365 ), FTP servers, configuration and administration of DNS records, administration of e-mail accounts, administration of WordPress websites, DataBases and Backups.

We use the latest technology.

Providing our services we use best practices and the latest available web technologies, so we are able to cope with even the most demanding customers.


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